Enzo Memorial Walk: Uniting to Fight Pet Cancer

A personal campaign sponsored by Jessica Stephens
April 1, 2017

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Donations Received

The Dingeldeins (Jenni, George, and Tyra) donated $50.00 06/05/2017 Thank you for shedding light on an important cause!
Anonymous donated $5.00 06/05/2017 Keep pushing!
Anonymous donated $50.00 06/04/2017
Paul Archer donated $40.00 06/04/2017
Aaron Cronan donated $50.00 06/04/2017 For Enzo!
Nicora and Josh Gardner donated $50.00 06/04/2017 xo - the Gardners
Adam Stein donated $150.00 06/04/2017 Honored to support this cause with you.
Chris & Mere made a donation 06/04/2017
Helene Sanders made a donation 05/15/2017
Katrina Eileen Romatowski donated $100.00 05/11/2017 Love that you are doing this...to Enzo!
Alycia Hadfield donated $50.00 05/04/2017 Enzo was truly a special boy, and this is a magnificent cause to honor his memory. He was so lucky to have during his time here. I could not have found him a better family to call his own. Thank you for giving him a life of fun, adventure, comfort and love!
Alice, Willa, jim and Becky donated $40.00 05/02/2017
Karen Caulfield donated $50.00 04/30/2017
Richard Stephens donated $50.00 04/30/2017
Anonymous donated $50.00 04/26/2017
David Gregory donated $50.00 04/22/2017 Good Luck Jessica. Hope you get to your goal. We will be thinking of you.
David & Rebecca & Caleb & Clare
Anonymous donated $250.00 04/20/2017
Animal Healing Arts of Portland donated $100.00 04/20/2017 Animal Healing Arts is 100% behind you guys.
Charles J Gabbe made a donation 04/17/2017
Ashley Doty donated $10.00 04/17/2017

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