Bev Beckwith and Friends 2016 Holiday Charity Campaign

A personal campaign sponsored by Beverly Beckwith
December 17, 2016

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Donations Received

Anonymous donated $100.00 01/01/2017 Finally did this! I am praying for positive results with your donation to heal both your dogs and any other precious family members of others to be benefited by this!
Anonymous donated $25.00 12/30/2016 Happy New Year! Cheers to making sure our fur babies are healthy in 2017!
Beverly Beckwith donated $25.00 12/28/2016 Christmas Gift Donation for Lori Walker. This donation honors Freckles Walker -- such a handsome pup and a Mast Cell Cancer survivor.

Merry Christmas Lori, Hal and Freckles!
Desiree made a donation 12/23/2016
Megan Mercer made a donation 12/22/2016
Sharon Kartiganer made a donation 12/21/2016 Hi Bev, Thank you for finding this wonderful charity and sharing it with us. I hope this helps our beautiful animals.
Lori Bowman donated $25.00 12/20/2016 Such a worthy cause for such beautiful and loving animals!
kim kenson donated $40.00 12/20/2016 Thanks for hosting such a great event and supporting this great cause.

Kim & George Foster
Lori Egglefield Walker donated $50.00 12/19/2016 Thank you Beverly for the joy you bring to so many during the holidays and throughout the year.

With Sammy, our pup Freckles and many others experiencing cancer, we gladly donate to this four star charity! We hope this contribution and donations from your South Bay friends will help you reach your goal!
Anonymous donated $100.00 12/18/2016
Anonymous donated $50.00 12/18/2016
Diane and Shawn donated $100.00 12/18/2016 A very nice choice Bev and know close to your heart. Thank you for your hospitality, friendship and just flat out great time last night. Cheers and thanks to you, sweet Sammy, Oso and Brent! xoxo
Anonymous donated $50.00 12/18/2016 Thank you so much to Dennis Leon for his generous cash donation last night. I am adding the $50 cash donation(s) from last night to our online donations.

Thank you also to Karen Walsh (and Nicolette) for their generous $50 check. I will send that into Morris Animal Foundation separately.
Anonymous donated $36.00 12/17/2016 Hi cutie- there's a Hebrew meaning behind giving gifts or donations in increments of 18... I'll explain to you later. But overall, the meaning has to do with "life" and that is what you give Sammy everyday.. and she gives you. I'm so glad you chose this charity! Love you guys.. see you tonight!
Suzanne donated $50.00 12/17/2016 Thanks for your kindness and increasing awareness - a great cause!
Brent Beckwith donated $25.00 12/16/2016 Very happy to support the Morris Animal Foundation
Beverly Beckwith donated $50.00 12/16/2016

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