2nd Annual Enzo Memorial Walk: Uniting to Fight Pet Cancer

A personal campaign sponsored by Jessica Stephens

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Join us for the 2nd Annual Enzo Memorial Walk on Sunday, May 20 by making a donation of any amount above. We'll be walking through NE Portland to raise awareness of pet cancer and raise much needed funds to support Morris Animal Foundation's pet cancer research. Donate today and join us!

How You Can Help
We started the Enzo Memorial Walk: Uniting to Fight Pet Cancer last year and were thrilled to raise over $2,500 to support Morris Animal Foundation’s pet cancer research. This year, we hope to double our fundraising and raise $5,000!

Help us fight pet cancer by making a donation (simply click “Support Me” above) to join us for our 2nd Annual Enzo Memorial Walk on Sunday, May 20. We’ll be gathering at 10am at Wilshire Park on NE 33rd Ave and Skidmore, then taking a short walk through NE Portland to raise awareness of pet cancer.

Why I Participate 
I walk in memory of Enzo, our sweet Gordon Setter mix rescue, who succumbed to T-Cell Lymphoma two years ago. We honor Enzo’s legacy by raising money to help find a cure for pet cancer in the hopes that, one day, other animals - and their loving families - won’t have to experience what we went through and won’t have to say goodbye too soon, like we did.

Enzo’s Story
It all started in January of 2016, when we took our pup in for what we thought was a routine urinary tract infection, but was anything but routine. When your vet says your dog has cancer, your whole world shatters in an instant. The tears start and it’s hard to stop them, especially when your sensitive pooch gives you kisses to try and make you feel better. 

Our devastation only deepened after our first visit with the oncologist, who told us that Enzo’s type of cancer couldn't be cured; we could get maybe another 6 to 9 months with him, but this cancer - T-Cell Lymphoma - was incurable.

We were determined to make Enzo’s last few months as happy and healthy as possible. We started seeing a naturopathic vet to start alternative therapies - like doggie acupuncture! - in conjunction with weekly chemo treatments. 

Then, we made a list of Enzo's favorite things and took him on lots of long walks, snow-shoeing, camping, hiking - and even took him on an RV trip along the Oregon/California coast! He spent lots of quality time with his favorite doggie friends and family, and made a new best friend - Dr. Keith Weingardt, his new naturopathic vet.

We also participated in our first Morris Animal Foundation Unite to Fight Pet Cancer Walk, letting Enzo take our friends and family on a walk through NE Portland to raise much needed funds to help find a cure for cancer.

Enzo was a one-of-a-kind pooch who, at only 5 years old, lost his battle with cancer on August 9, 2016 after a valiant fight. His death left a huge whole in our hearts, but it also left us with a legacy. Enzo’s legacy is to help make sure other pets don’t have to go through the pain he went through, and we honor that legacy by once again walking to raise awareness about pet cancer and raise money for Morris Animal Foundation to help find a cure.

Help us honor Enzo’s legacy and join us in this fight to end pet cancer by making a donation today. I know Enzo’s spirit will be walking right beside us on May 20, and I hope you will too!

Why I Support Morris Animal Foundation
Morris Animal Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, supports science that makes the world a brighter place for animals and those who love them (like me). As the global leader in animal health, Morris Animal Foundation provides funding that helps more species in more places than that of any other organization in the world, and has invested more than $113 million toward 2,500+ studies since its founding in 1948.


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