Bev Beckwith, Sammy, Oso and Friends 2017 Holiday Fundraiser!

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Happy Holidays!  

As most of you know, I started supporting Morris Animal Foundation last year after my feisty Golden Retriever, Sammy, was diagnosed with Leukemia.  A few months after Sammy's diagnosis, my sweet and soulful pup, Oso, was diagnosed with a Cancerous Mast Cell Tumor.  

I'm so grateful to still have them with me this Holiday Season.    

Sammy and Oso are both benefiting  tremendously from Cancer research and Veterinary knowledge.   

About Morris Animal Foundation:
Morris Animal Foundation is a global leader in supporting scientific research that advances veterinary medicine.  They have completed over 2,400 studies that have improved the health and quality of life for dogs, cats, horses, and wildlife around the world.

These studies have led to better prevention, diagnostics, treatments, and cures.   They do extensive research on Cancers effecting dogs and cats.  One such study is the "Golden Retriever Lifetime Study" to learn more about cause and effect of Cancer in animals.  In this study, 3,000 Goldens are being tracked to identify genetic, nutritional, and environmental risk factors for Cancer.  The insights learned could also help humans!    

This Holiday Season let's support furthering the health of our precious pets by donating to Morris Animal Foundation! 

Thank you for your generosity!



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