Flipper - One of A Kind

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Morris Animal Foundationā€™s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is dedicated to helping improve the lives of Golden Retrievers and all dogs. The study will lead the way toward recognizing how and why these diseases develop, and provide clues as to how diet, exercise, environment, and genetics may impact lifelong health and well-being.

This study is why I am asking for your help. You can make a difference in the future of animal health by supporting me and this groundbreaking study!

Flipper was a truly one-of-a-kind Golden born with multiple birth defects.  She was missing certain abdominal muscles, part of her pelvis, and her bladder was open and attached to the outside of her abdomen.  Despite all that, and with the help of her very dedicated owner, teams of veterinarians and M.D.s, she lived a happy and regular life on the farm.  She loved to go out to the barn and supervise feeding the horses and goats.  She raised her little "sister", Maizie, and would still mop the floor with her even when Maizie was half again bigger than Flip.  She was the princess who never forgot to take her medicine, and would insist you give it to her if you forgot.  Everyone who met her loved her sweet, perpetually-puppy face and can-do attitude.  Sadly, her abnormal urinary tract caused her a lifetime of chronic UTIs and renal disease.  Now, shortly after her 4th birthday, her kidneys have given up and we have decided to help her pass with dignitiy.  Please help us memorialize this wonderful dog and help other Goldens avoid or better manage the health issues they face.

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