Memorial Fund Raiser in honor of Surfer - aka FunQuest's Surfin' USA ADCH, MACH, NW3

A personal campaign sponsored by C. Kentala

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In honor of one amazing little Pom who started out on the streets of Flint, Michigan picked up by Animal Control and through a channel of folks finding new homes for potential agility prospects, made his way to my home in Seattle.

FunQuest's Surfin' USA earned many agility Ch. titles, won national agility competitions, was the first Pom to earn NW2 and NW3 K9 Nose Work titles in the US.  Those titles represent the companionship of our years spent together training, traveling and trialing.

Surfer was an animated, happy, opinionated, clever dog.  A spirited companion, reliable demo dog year after year in training classes, a truly special partner for over 16 years. 

On October 10th, I held him in my arms for the last time as he peacefully left this world. 

In honor of this special little dog with the big attitude, we would like your help in sniffing out a cure for canine cancer as well as other chronic and life threatening illness that affect our loving companion animals of all shapes and sizes. 

Through your donation to The Morris Animal Foundation you can help find a cure for canine cancer and other chronic or life threatening illnesses.

We've all been touched by a serious illness in some honor a loved one, either two or four legged with your donation today!

Please know that NO AMOUNT IS TOO SMALL (little bits add  up!) and remember the research being done today not only helps our pets but crosses over into human medicine and may one day help you or a loved one.

The total Surfer Memorial Fund goal is equal to $100 for each year Surfer and his signature WOO WOO made people laugh and grin.

Thank you for your support! You are pawsome! Woof!


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